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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Great discoveries

Eating better is getting better! I HATE diet food. Seriously! Who wants to chow down on something that tastes like cardboard. I don't like protein or health bars and I do not like shakes. Diet candy is just plain gross! So this week I've been on a mission to find some better alternatives to the foods I like. Rules: It has to be tasty, low in fat and calories and inexpensive. (I'm not breaking the bank just to eat better. So, as the editor of this blog I feel it is my duty to let you in on what I've found this week! Enjoy!

Laughing Cow Cheese Wedges - Sorry I couldn't get a picture of these to post here. I went to the website but it wouldn't allow me to copy and paste. But trust me, these wedges are the bomb (and I don't use that term often)! For a total of 35 calories per wedge you get a creamy yummy wedge of cheese. And lest you think this is a puny little snack, think again. There is quite a bit of cheese in each wedge, enough to spread on a couple of crackers or an apple wedge. They come in 3 varieties, Original Swiss, Garlic and Herb and French Onion. I've tried the Original Swiss and Garlic Herb and both were yummy! Pair a wedge with a Wheat Thins 100 calorie pack and you've got a great snack for just 135 calories. But make sure you read the package when your at the grocery store and make sure you get the "light" cheese and not the regular!

Grape Tomatoes - Okay guys I know this is nothing new and you're thinking right now, "No big deal". Ah, but did you know that you can nosh on 20 sweet little grape tomatoes for just 30 calories? I think that's a perfect little snack. I bought a huge pack of these at Sam's Club this weekend. I'm thinking it will be great to grab a few of these if I'm famished and dinner won't be ready for another 20 or 30 minutes. Want to feel all European? Grab a plate and stack it with Grape tomatoes, a wedge of Laughing Cow cheese, a few red or green grapes and maybe a few wheat thins. Skip the wine though, too many calories!

T. Marzetti Light Blue Cheese Dressing - I love T. Marzetti's original Blue Cheese Dressing. So much so, in fact, that I was very upset that I wouldn't be eating it when I start watching my calories. No worries though, I soon discovered their light version of this very awesome dressing and it tastes great. Seriously people, I can not taste a difference at all. Even Hubby says it tastes the same and he fancies himself a blue cheese expert!

Maple Grove Farms of Vermont Fat Free Raspberry Vinaigrette - Yep, its a mouthful (pun intended)! I discovered this dressing last year when I was trying to duplicate a salad that I always order when I have lunch with my friends at a local Cafe. For only 30 calories per 2 tbls. you get this great tangy taste. I found it at Wal-Mart so if yours doesn't carry it, just ask them. I have found that they are pretty good about carrying things if you just ask. Anyhow, that salad I was telling you about. I don't have exact measurements but here's the gist. Its spring mix salad, red grapes (washed and cut in half), Chopped celery, Mandarin oranges (in their own juice or light syrup, drained), fat-free feta cheese crumbles, chopped cucumber and of course Raspberry vinaigrette. So yummy!

Spinach - Yes, well, you already knew spinach was good for you. I'm not telling you anything new. However, did you know just how good it is for you? Ah, see, I am telling you something new. Well, first of all spinach is very high in iron and we all know how good iron is for us ladies. Its also high is calcium, magnesium, antioxidants, folic acid and a whole slew of vitamins including C, A, E and K. Now, don't wrinkle your cute little nose here. Spinach is very good, you just have to know how to eat it. First get 2 cups of baby spinach preferably in a bag, (if you're still scared about the whole "death by spinach" thing, go ahead and wash it, again) 1 cup sliced strawberries and 2 tablespoons of that yummy vinaigrette I mentioned above. Total calories? 95! Looks like a pretty hearty 100 calorie snack! Turns out Popeye was one smart dude!


JKW said...

I am stealing your Running Mom logo:)

Rachael said...

Those Laughing Cow swiss wegdes are really good on celery sticks. Thanks for reminding me, I haven't bought those in awhile.