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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

This is not an original idea!

For those of you wondering (and those who are not), I came up with this whole idea to lose weight by not dieting, but by making a few healthy changes from an article I read in last months "Self" magazine. The article is entitled "Be A Diet Success, Diet advice that works". They list several changes to make that can lead to a few pounds lost here and there and the reason it works. Suggestions and pounds you could lose are "skip all soda, 1 to 8 pounds, average 4" (I'm going to have to wait till a get a little further in this experiment to do this one, I am totally addicted to Diet Coke and its gonna be hard), "Eat breakfast, even if you're not hungry, 3 to 8 pounds, average 5" (the inspiration for this week), "Use smaller plates and glasses, 0-3 pounds, average 1", "Banish trigger foods from your home, 1 to 10 pounds, average 6" (bye,bye, Cheez-its), "Rate your hunger before deciding to eat, 0-4 pounds, average 1" and "Dine out less often, 2-11 pounds, average 6" (WOW, I hope that one works!). So if I can lose just the average amount by making these changes that would be a weight loss of 23 pounds. I'm not giving up much, just making healthier decisions. Don't worry I will be adding exercise to all this soon. I've just got to figure out a way to do it. Wish me luck on that one!


Rachael said...

Oh please don't make me give up Diet Coke. Save that one for waaayyyy later.

CM said...

Oh, don't worry, that's like last on the list. I just read an article about the bad things that artificial sweetner can cause. It made me worry. However, thats an addiction I'm just not prepared to give up just yet.

JKW said...

Oh I completely agree...lets let that be the last thing we work on. I am majorly addicted to Diet Dr. Pepper!